A Story of Lawyers™ is Born! (part 3)

My friend gave me a lot of good advice that day.  But the thing that she said that really stuck with me was to make sure that the book was everything I wanted it to be before publishing.  Once it's out there, you can't take it back.  She also connected me to a few of her clients who were in one way or another involved in book publishing.  Armed with that information, I made an appointment with a local print company and met with them for about an hour.  It was time well-spent because I learned a lot about publishing requirements, book layout, paper options, and costs associated with printing.  I left with solid information, a few  paper samples, and some really good resources that I referenced throughout the process.   I spent a lot of time in the children's section of book stores scanning shelves and pulling books that caught my eye.  I checked the local paper and professional publications regularly looking for people involved in authoring or publishing children's books.  I sent out numerous emails each week hoping to connect with someone who could connect me to a publisher or an illustrator.  Over the years, I met a few published authors who invited me to lunch and one that followed up with me on a regular basis with tips and guidance.  I really appreciated her help.  I also connected to the head of the business college at FGCU - now known as "Dunk City".  He set up a few meetings for me with some of his faculty and invited me to share my concept and plan.  And so I did.  We had two or three meetings on campus and exchanged multiple emails.  Everyone I met loved my book and all were very enthusiastic about my ideas.  During one of the meetings, it was my pleasure to meet the late Dr. Lee Duffus.  He had self-published a kid-friendly manual for soccer coaches and was happy to share the trials and tribulations of self-publishing.  He was also the person who suggested that I include a "belongs to" page in the book because, he explained, it gives kids pride of ownership.  His obituary appeared in the Naples Daily News on November 23, 2011.  My first book was in publication at that time and was released three months later. ... with the "belongs to" page.