A STORY OF LAWYERS - Children's Book Series

My friends are all LAWYERS and I am one too.  And I wanted a book to explain what we do.  I searched for a story and hoped I would find something for children completely in rhyme.  But nothing on LAWYERS existed out there.  So I wrote some myself and am pleased now to share.  

It's my hope that you'll purchase a copy or TWO.  After all, dear ATTORNEYS, this IS about YOU!  Get a few EXTRA books for your STAFF and your FRIENDS.  And enclose them to CLIENTS in letters you send.  Display them on bookshelves in conference rooms too.  With these small simple steps we may IMPROVE world-view!     


Book #2 "A STORY OF LAWYERS WITH VIEWS FROM THE BENCH" - Click on book image to buy now!   

"This book is on JUDGES, the types and the kinds, who work hard to listen and keep open minds.  They sit way up high like a king on a throne.  We call them "The Bench" and that's how they are known.  ©Jacqueline Buyze 2013.   


A Story of Lawyers Book Cover

Book #1 - "A STORY OF LAWYERS - click on book image to buy now!

"As for jobs, there are many that LAWYERS can do.  This book in your hands will discuss just a few.  Keep in mind as you read that the work can be FUN.  But in terms of importance, it's second to none!"   

Interested in the story behind the story?  

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